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A Lost World Comes to America


Copyright 1998-2004, Alexander Pappas: A Penguin Story


Once upon a time, long, long ago, a lost Antarctic Expedition ship was badly damaged by ice. They came upon a group of beautiful little birds. At first, the expedition call them "little people", then "penguins."


After a short acquaintance time with the penguins, the English captain discovered that they had the ability to learn and speak. The expedition taught them everything there is to know about their culture, civilization, and education. They also helped them with their fishing and how protect themselves against leopard seals without hurting them. There were a family of penguins that eventually received a name, it was the Happy Wacky Family.


Because the ship was so badly damaged, it took the crew a long time to repair to it. Now the ship was ready for sailing. Then they had a big happy party on the ship. On the last day, the captain gave the head penguin his blue jacket, which said "This is for you, my good friend". At that the ship sailed away, and the penguins became very sad.



Many years passed by, and the Happy Wacky Family grew. They stood out as a pillar of the community. Their names are as follows: the Head Penguin, Mr. Happy Wacky; his wife, Persy; their baby, Precious; Grandpa and Grandma Wacky, their Uncle, No-No Wacky, who is a no-no person, and Aunt Money Penny, who is a stingy money maker have two teenage children named Patti and Skully Wacky. Their other relatives are Scoope Wacky, who is the down and out worried penguin, Cool Wacky the one who is always cool and on the ball, Zoh Wacky, who set the fashion for the penguin world, Sir wacky, who is the cultured one, and Julie Wacky, who is the organized one. All of this influence came years ago from the English captain and the crew of the ship.


One day, another large expedition came upon these beautiful and joyful penguins. When the ship came in, Happy Wacky and his family were the first to greet them. Happy Wacky stepped forward, put out his hand, and said, "Welcome to our world friends." The men were amazed.


After a short time, a friendship developed. The crew of the expedition told stories and showed pictures of America and the rest of the world to the Happy Wacky Family as well as the rest of the penguins. The penguins in return told the crew stories about the first expedition. Happy Wacky showed them the blue captains jacket he was wearing. Meanwhile, the captain, realizing what a great discovery he found, called his company in New York City. He told them about the English speaking penguins.



1998-2004 Alexander Pappas A. Pappas