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Now, all of the penguins were back home in their beautiful hotel. They were asked to go on national television and give a statement about their cross-country tour. The ride to the television station was very enjoyable and reminded them of the train’s air conditioning. At the station, they all agreed on one thing, "America is the greatest!" When the penguins got back to their hotel room, they received lots of messages about job offers, love messages, and good wishes. They all decided to live and work in America. Because the penguins were new to America, they had big ideas, hopes and dreams.

Mr. Wacky Happy got a job as a commercial advertiser with a large New York City firm. Mrs. Persy Wacky became a television hostess who was trying to get her own show. Grandma and Grandpa Wacky became announcers on television for Fun House Shopping Network. Uncle No-no Wacky got a job as a food critic. Aunt Money Penny is looking into the stock market. Patti and Skully Wacky are doing good in school; Patti is studying journalism while Skully is studying art. Zoh Wacky became part of the fashion world. Sir Wacky Penguin is part of a culture circle. Cool Wacky is a weather advisor. Scoope Wacky is in the music world. And, Julie Wacky is a hostess in a fine fish restaurant. Now is the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the Happy Wacky Family.

Now, in Antarctica, other penguin families have learned about of the successes and accomplishments of the Happy Wacky family, and would also like to come to America to become just like them.


We say goodbye to Happy Wacky and his family for now.  But he will be back soon, with a new adventure!



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